Week recap

I have been super busy this past week (even more so than normal) and haven’t had a moment to sit down and write a post!  Last weekend, Emily and I babysat for a family so the parents could have a weekend getaway.  On top of having the kids overnight for 2 nights, I worked at the hospital as well! Talk about being exhausted….the second night as soon as the kids were down and my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.  At 8 o’clock…and slept until we got a wake up from the middle child and had to change some sheets 🙂 Oh babysitting is so much fun!

I really miss working with kids after having babysat, nannied, and worked in a daycare through my final year of College, so any chance I get to watch friends kids I LOVE it! So Emily and I had TONS of fun things planned for the kids….not only did we have a good time they really seemed to enjoy themselves as well!  On Friday we took them to a local community center where Santa arrived on a firetruck and the kids got to meet him, have cookies, and make a craft.

The 3 year old we were watching recognized his elf immediately and called him by name!  As we were waiting in line to pet Buttons the reindeer, E said ‘That’s Mark’.  We started laughing and sure enough, the same elf had visited her preschool not too long ago!

Saturday we went to my childhood all-time favorite restaurant…Chuck E. Cheese! The kids had a blast, and after finangling a few tokens for myself, I was psyched to hit up Skee-Ball just like I used to.  5 tokens later, I still had yet to hit the corner 10,000 pocket and M (the 8 year old) was solidly beating me every time so I ashamedly hung up my Skee-Ball hat….but hopefully not forever.

Sunday we headed to brunch and church and after feeding them dinner, their parents came home and I was (thankfully) able to get a nice 2 1/2 hour nap before heading into work.  It was a fun….yet exhausting weekend and I loved getting to spend time with Emily also!

My mom came Monday afternoon from WI, and we have been busy getting the house organized since then! I am so thankful for her patience and hard work.  We got the basement organized and new shelving units up in the laundry room, and I ALMOST have a ‘finished’ picture to add here…but there is still one box left to unpack and a few stray items lying on the floor.  She brought a treadmill that she had picked up for me this summer and I am SO excited to get running again (after a busy fall, my running hiatus hopefully has come to an end).  We still have to move Bob’s weight bench (and dust the cobwebs from it) before we can get the treadmill into the spot I want but we are SUPER close to having the basement functional! Meanwhile Bob has been busy hanging blinds in the house, and getting his ‘man-cave’ out in the garage organized.

Today my mom and I decided to take a break from cleaning and organizing and made Christmas cut out cookies!  I used to look forward to this day all year when I was younger!  It was such a fun day and I was so excited to once again spend the day baking with my mom!

I also remembered how sick of frosting cookies I get after about 50 of them….but we finished FINALLY and I am so excited to have cookies for us to take to work and of course EAT!


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