A New Reality

Finally, I feel some semblance of a new norm.  After a really disruptive past 3 months, I have a steady roof over my head and my belongings in one place! After starting a new job in September, I moved out of my apartment in south central MN and virtually was ‘homeless’ for the next few months.   Thankfully, my roommate from college, Emily and her family took me in.  I loved living with their family and they will always hold a special place in my heart.  Their generosity including getting black out blinds for my downstairs bedroom so I could sleep once I got home from work in the morning, and making peanut butter salad nearly once a week (for my peanut butter deprived self). I survived with a minimal amount of clothing that I dug out from my boxed up belongings, and a Target run took care of the rest! It was so much fun to get to spend every day with Em after being an hour apart for so long!

Anyways, the many boxes from my apartment had been gathering dust in Bob’s our basement.  Now that I officially call the house ‘home’, I have been sooo busy unpacking, organizing, and cleaning (amid the Christmas decorating of course).  Being the type ‘A’ person, the chaos and mess absolutely overwhelmed me, but it is also a little too easy to close the door to the basement and forget what is waiting for me!  But nonetheless….I have attempted to put away things one box at a time.


(and mind you these boxes had been ransacked a few times looking for certain things like printer cords and light bulbs)


(mind you…not finished yet) 🙂

There is still so much to do, and the things that are left are the things that I am not sure where they will end up in the long run. My mom is coming next week to help with the final organization and cleaning, and I am SO looking forward to having her here!  I am trying to decide if I want to be brave enough to have a garage sale in the summer (after I talked with my mom who said she would come and help!) or just take it all to giveaway.  We’ll see how I am feeling once everything has found its home and how much I just want to be done with it all!  I love garage saleing myself and look forward to it all winter…but having my own seems like such a daunting task.  BUT, since my mom is a seasoned expert and I did learn how to count change through our many summer sales, the idea is still weighing heavily in my mind.

Being that snow just fell last night, the next 4 months are out of the question anyways for a sale so either Goodwill will get a trailer full of housewares or our attic will be filled for the winter!  I will leave you with Stage 2 of Operation Christmas Lights and I am hoping that this might be the end (although there are still many strands sitting in the kitchen) but maybe I can deter Bob!


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