A Very ‘First’ Christmas

After much deliberation, I finally agreed to getting a REAL Christmas tree.  Having grown up in a ‘fake’ tree household, I was very wary about this new notion.  Having a live tree, that I was going to be responsible for keeping alive for the next month was definitely NOT something I was looking forward to….but alas we made a trip to Bob’s favorite store (2 guesses and the first doesn’t count) Menards and picked out our very first tree! I know it’s not the whole going to the tree farm and cutting down our own….but it’s baby steps for me…one thing at a time.  (I also made Bob promise that if I still wasn’t keen on the idea after the season this year we will find a clearance artificial tree and purchase it for next year!)

Being the master tree transporter he is, I gladly took the position of photographer while Bob fastened the tree to the car!  For all who don’t know me, I have a MASSIVE fear about traveling with things hitched/hooked/ontop of the vehicle I am traveling in.  This could stem from our many misadventures camping when I was younger, which included our family pop-up camper literally popping up in the middle of the interstate while traveling across South Dakota…but anyways.  The entire 10 minute ride back to the house, my eyes were peeled to the top of the car via the side mirrors.  Bob may have had to give me a stern warning after I started yelling once when the tree shifted a few inches.

 I have to admit that I quickly fell in love with our tree and may (this might be preemptive) be a convert! We had such a fun time decorating and it was so fun to see our individual ornaments together on the tree! We also got quite a few ornaments for wedding gifts which was really special to hang our first ornaments together!

In between watching the Vikings suffer (it didn’t feel like a real Sunday without the Packers) I got most of my Dept 56 Village set up!  Bob promised for next year he will make a platform landscape to display them on…but this year the reading nook and white sheet in place of snow will do the trick!  I have gotten a new piece every year for Christmas for the past 12 years and it was so much fun looking back at all of my special pieces!

I got 2 new pieces this year…both were shower gifts! My mom gave me the Wedding Chapel and bride and groom.

Bob’s mom gave me the Scandinavian Christmas piece…both which hold special meaning to me!

We spent Sunday decorating the rest of the house…which in turn evolved into Stage One of Operation Christmas Lights.  Bob has quite the affinity for lights of all kinds, and without some semblance of a budget would go CRAZY outfitting the house.  Last year he mistakenly left lights on the front main trees and his beloved LEDs were chewed to bits by the squirrels, who must have had a liking to the orange bulbs which we found scattered at the bottom of the pine tree! So anyways, using his allotted amount, he spent wisely through a Black Friday special and now we have more than enough lights to light the entire neighborhood!

(stage 1…more updates to follow)

I am patiently awaiting Bob to come home from work today so we can start stage 2 (in the dark nonetheless) and get more of the windows and outlines of the house done! I may be enjoying this as much as Bob…but I would never admit it!  So excited for the season!!

Our First Christmas Tree!

And finally….a sneak preview of one of the many many pictures you will see…

photo by Robert Michael Photography



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