Our First Thanksgiving!

Bob and I are so thankful for so many things this year….

our wonderful, supportive, and HEALTHY family

friends that are always there for us

a new life together

a house that is quickly becoming a home

jobs that we love

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Bob’s  family at the lodge.  It was so nice to have a relaxing and beautiful day to watch football and eat delicious food!  I worked Wednesday overnight and was thankfully able to get a few hours of sleep before we headed to the Lodge, where I parked myself in close proximity to the TV. (I apologize for the cell phone quality pictures…I have to get in the habit of taking my camera places!)

Each Packer game this year, I am getting more and more nervous that we are going to get beat….the Lions thankfully 🙂 weren’t able to break our streak this year!  I missed watching the game with my family, but didn’t get too much grief from my new family!

Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of the annual Ping-Pong tournament.  I was a little nervous about participating because there is a lot of pressure placed on this game.  Misti managed to be undefeated this year…to the dismay of my father-in-law!  Misti and I teamed up and managed to beat Steve and Bob AND Bruce and Cal.  Better luck next year guys 🙂 (I do give all credit to Misti though…I just tried not to mess up too badly!)

(the ‘kids’ favorite Kristian Regale)

After sleeping for a few more hours once we got home (I had to work again Thursday overnight), we decided to go to WalMart just to see how crazy things were!  I couldn’t believe the store.  Literally you could not walk in the aisles, and it took us nearly 30 minutes to walk once around the store!  We had picked out a few movies we wanted, and my ever wonderful husband went back in the middle of the night to escape the crowds and got them!

After a great night at work (which means very few calamities!) Bob picked me up and we started our shopping!  I had a list of a few stores out that we I wanted to go to.  We picked up a few Christmas gifts that I cannot divulge what they are, and then stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics to get some fleece that was on major Clearance!  I enjoy making fleece tie blankets for new babies and couldn’t pass up this deal.  We quickly realized that the line to have the fabric cut was absolutely INSANE!  Luckily we found an express lane, and we each got our allowed 2 cuts of material within an hour.  PTL for a patient husband!

(one of the MANY blankets I have made for the special babies in our lives)

AND super exciting news! We got a sneak peek at the pictures from our photographer Robert Michael who shot at our wedding.  We are SO thankful for his talents, patience, and creative eye.  You can scroll through the (nearly) 1000 images here :


I will be doing a post soon, once I receive the disc of images from him, but enjoy!  It was such a special day for us, and we will treasure these photos forever.


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