We’re BACK!!

We just arrived back to the US after such an amazing week!  First off….our wedding weekend was so unbelievably amazing.  It was so much fun to have all of our closest family and friends celebrating with us!  I will do a full blog post (or 2 or 3) once we have pictures from the photographer! But for now….hopefully this site can appease you http://www.zangzing.com/newlife/wedding 🙂 Enjoy! And keep uploading those photos…we LOVE seeing them!!!

For our honeymoon we went on a Western Caribbean cruise and had such a wonderful time!  After opening our amazing gifts and saying goodbye to everyone, we quickly drove to the airport and hopped on a plane to New Orleans!  By the time we checked into the hotel it was after midnight and we were both EXHAUSTED!  My sister, Carrie, had booked us a room at the W in the French Quarter and we were so thrilled to stay at such a nice place in a great location!

Monday morning we did a quick walking tour of New Orleans and went to the St. Louis Cathedral and made a trek down Bourbon Street.  We ate breakfast at a cute cafe and Bob LOVED every bite of his pancakes, hash browns, and southern biscuit!  His stomach was just getting ready for the cruise 🙂

Our first full day aboard the Carnival Elation was exactly what I needed! Sun, sleep, and swimming!  I spent the best $14.99 in New Orleans when I downloaded Steve Jobs biography for Bob and I gladly sacrificed my beloved Kindle for the remainder of the trip so that I was allowed to read whenever I wanted.  I had (of course) packed a few paperbacks of my own and finished Elin Hilderbrand’s ‘The Castaways and Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever…surprisingly the only 2 novels I read cover to cover (while sneaking in a few chapters on the Kindle when Bob was not reading!)

We played a few rounds of mini-golf up on the top deck and couldn’t believe how windy it was!  We tried to use the wind to our advantage, but more often than not our balls ended up back at the beginning of the hole thanks to the breeze!  We participated in a mini-golf tournament and Bob was thrilled to come in 3rd place and won a medal (of which he was VERY proud!) That night after a delicious dinner, we hurried to a sports bar to watch the MNF game of the year! Bob was very quiet after the first few minutes and was bribed with a Grolsch beer. GO PACK GO! 9-0!

The next morning we woke up early and got off the ship in Progreso, Mexico.  We had booked an excursion to travel to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula.  We were amazed by the sheer enormity of the Mayan ruins.  There was a HUGE pyramid situated in the middle of the site.  On one side, the stairway was made using stalactites and stalagmites which allowed for sound to be echoed throughout the entire site when made at the bottom of the stairs.  It was so neat to hear…and Bob kept clapping to hear the sound echo loudly!  We wandered around the ruins for awhile which was really neat.

Being the awesome nurse I am…just thought I’d throw in my tidbit of medical information for the day.  This tree’s sap has been used for thousands of years in Mexico to lower blood pressure and cholesterol!  Maybe it’s time to substitute some beta-blockers and -statins for some sap!

Another site at Chichen Itza was the Marketplace which had hundreds (if not thousands) of pillars spreading throughout the grounds.  This area had previously been used for trading and had been covered.  It was so neat walking through the deserted marketplace knowing how integral the space had been so many years ago.  We had a slight mishap during lunchtime.  The tour company provided us with lunch, and after I decided that I didn’t like the chocolate bar, handed it to Bob who gladly ate it.  About a minute later he started digging in the backpack looking for the Benadryl that I had packed!  He pulled out the wrapper and listed in the ingredients was ‘Cacahuete’ or NUTS!  Thankfully he hadn’t eaten that much and the Benadryl kicked in quickly!! We thoroughly enjoyed our day, but were excited for the next day!!

That night following dinner, we participated in a digital scavenger hunt throughout the whole ship.  You were given a list of ‘things’ to find (grand piano, life boat 13,  an exercise bike etc…) and take a picture on your camera.  You had a total of 20 minutes to find all of the items on the list and as many bonus pictures (a 3 tiered human pyramid, a man in a bikini, and more) as you could.  We ran throughout the whole ship and had the most points by far!  We won the coveted 24 karat gold, plastic, ship on a stick! Bob was pretty stoked!

Thursday was spent on the island of Cozumel, Mexico!  The water was so incredibly blue, both of us couldn’t believe it!  Our excursion planned for the day was zip-lining and snorkeling.  We went to a zip-lining park just outside of Cozumel and had a blast on the 12 different zip-lines!  They definitely satisfied Bob’s adventure seeking self!

Then we went to a private beach and snorkeled in the gorgeous water….I decided I had had enough snorkeling after we saw a barracuda not too far from where we were swimming.  Corona in hand, I watched from my beach chair…. 🙂

(a cute wedding gift from Mariah)

Our last day was a much needed ‘Fun Day at Sea’ where we enjoyed the sun (maybe a little too much), I finished up my book, and took a snooze on deck!  We enjoyed a final dinner in the Formal Dining room….the food was amazing each night!  I tried different things like alligator fritters, buffalo mozzarella cheese, jerk chicken, but finished each night with my all-time favorite dessert….warm chocolate melting cake.  Bob looked forward to dinner more and more each night and almost every night ordered the flat-iron steak (in addition to another choice entrée!)  I really think he was in heaven!  We were lucky enough to be seated at a table with 3 other young couples (all coincidentally from the South) and had fun each night talking and telling stories!  Both Bob and I caught each other saying ‘ya’ll’ by the end of the trip!  It was fun to have friends to meet up with at the different shows and events each day!

We will never forget this amazing trip and look forward to the many, many trips that we will take in the future together!


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