Summer Fun

Last week, Bob and I went to Noah’s Ark for a final summer fun day!  It was about 60 degrees with 20mph winds which was a bit chilly (okay…it was really chilly) but we had so much fun!  It was the only day that we were going to be able to go so either it was go or wait until next year!  The great thing about going on a cold day was that there were absolutely NO lines and we were able to go on every ride as many times as we wanted!

Last night, we went to Debbie & Terry’s house to celebrate Debbie and Bob that they BOTH just finished their Master’s.  The two of them work together, college together, and now finished their Master’s (different programs) at the same time.  We had some amazing Indian food made by Debbie, and had fun playing with the kiddos

Our drinks were even festive!

Their friend Liz is a chemist, and made these awesome homemade bubbles!  I’m pretty sure Bob had just as much fun as Owen and Ryan, and we all definitely joined in on the fun!


Family Weekend

Misti, Ashton, & Cameron came to Minnesota for the weekend and it was so great to see them.  We hadn’t been able to see them since November and were just excited to spend time together!

Cameron (21 months), Misti, & Ashton

Bob, Kelly, Cameron, Misti, Ashton, Steve, & Kaitlyn (Steve’s girlfriend)

The whole family

Kaitlyn & Steve

Bob, Steve, & Misti’s cousin Andy is getting married this October and Laurel and their Aunt Sue threw a shower for him on Saturday

They got some great presents!

Saturday night we (Misti, Ashton, Andy, Bob and I) went to the Twins vs Astros game

After the game we went to Surly Brewery

Andy & Bob

They have a few gas firepits to sit around and we just enjoyed the evening!

Sunday morning we went to church, and Cameron looked super cute!

After church we headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Dave’s birthday…or mostly for Cameron (and us) to have fun!

We all had fun playing games 🙂

Sister vs Brother

This morning I went over to say goodbye before they left for Missouri and got to have some fun playing outside

Cam loves playing with soccer balls, golf balls, basically any kind of balls!

Cam & Grandpa

So sweet!

Grandma, Cameron, & Grandpa

Auntie Kelly & Cameron

Mariah’s Wedding

Last weekend, one of my good friends from college, Mariah got married and we were happy to head to Rochester to celebrate!

The church they got married in was gorgeous!

Mariah & Ben reciting their vows

The bridesmaids (my friend Rochelle is the one in the middle)

Mariah looked absolutely gorgeous

Lighting the unity candle (the photographer was RIGHT in front of me)

The newly married couple!

Head table

Eli,Emily, Ben, & Molly

Kirstin & Stephen

Kelly & Bob

Kelly & Kirstin

Kirstin, Emily, & Kelly

First Dance

Mariah choreographed a gorgeous first dance and it was amazing!  I was very impressed!

Cutting the cake

Sweet Molly


Eli having a blast on the dance floor!

Gustie Nurses! (Emily, Mariah, Kelly, & Kirstin)

We had such a fun day celebrating and was so much fun getting to catch up with everyone again!

Congratulations Ben & Mariah!

Bob’s Masters Graduation

Bob just finished his Masters Degree in Medical Device Innovation through the University of Minnesota and I am SO proud of him!

The last 14 months have been crazy busy with him continuing to work and go to school full time so we are both so happy for him to be finished! There were far too many late nights spent studying and days not seeing each other but it was all so worth it!

They had a nice little ceremony for their class and Bob’s friend Oscar gave a little speech

Congratulations Bob for all of your hard work in getting your Master’s Degree!

Bob and his parents

Michigan Visit

I headed out to Michigan to visit Carrie, Nick, & Benta two weeks ago and we had a great week! I left on Friday after Bob and I spent the day at ValleyFair chaperoning the Jr High youth from church. We had volunteered throughout the week for their events at church and the big end of the week was a trip to ValleyFair.  It was blazing hot and even with a hiccup with our bus breaking down we still had so much fun!

Our first day we went to a nearby town that was having a festival.  They had an airplane that is used by fire departments on drills to extinguish fires.

The bounce house was a highlight for Benta (but only once her daddy went in!)

We went to the library

It was hot hot, and she rocked her shades!

We played outside a lot!

I just can’t get enough of that cute face!

The next morning we went raspberry picking and Benta is a PRO!

Pretty sure she ate significantly more than she picked 🙂

Cutest video ever!

Nick had a day off and we drove to Frankenmuth, MI for a fun day in their cute German town!

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is the largest Christmas store in the world!

Nick was carrying my camera….I found these pictures when I uploaded everything to my computer!

The store was HUGE and Benta was absolutely enthralled….she just kept walking and walking and walking with her little finger pointing at everything and saying ‘oooh!’.

So cute Nick

You can just see her saying ‘oooh!’

We literally let her walk around for an hour…and she was so good about not touching anything just looking!



They built a replica of the St. Nicholas church in Oberndorf, Austria where ‘Silent Night’ was first sung in 1818.

We loved the Cheese Haus and their awesome samples!

It was such a cute town!

We went to dinner at the Frankenmuth Brewery and thankfully sugar packets were the entertainment of the night!

And a cute covered bridge was nestled in the middle of town!

Tuckered out after a long day

The next day we went peach picking and once again, Benta LOVED it!

This is my new favorite picture of her!

SO heavy!

And I am pretty sure Benta thought the highlight of the trip was when we took her to Chuck E Cheese

Talk about excitement!  They had a cute toddler area that she absolutely LOVED and we all had fun!

We took turns on ‘Benta Duty’ so we could all play some games 🙂

Unfortunately my week ended and I had to say goodbye…but I know it won’t be too long until I see them again!

Darcy’s Baby Shower

Before we met, Bob was in a small group Bible study for singles and he met some really amazing friends. The group has since disbanded but we have kept in touch with many of them!

Darcy is due to have TWIN BOYS in November and one of her friends threw a cute football themed shower

She got some super cute things for her sweet boys!

I picked out these cute outfits for them! It is always so fun buying for babies!

Jennifer, Kelly, Darcy, Chantal, & Bethany

Summer Festival

Our church hosts a summer festival every August and we were not going to miss out on all of the fun!

Bob and I joined the kiddos (Harper did the trampoline too!) for some fun!

It was awesome!

And Bob bribed our pastor who was running the Big Slide to let him go down (and ignore me yelling at the end!)

We had a blast!

65th Anniversary

At the beginning of August we headed down to my grandparents home in Iowa to celebrate their 65th Anniversary!

This little cutie and her family drove through the night to get there Saturday morning!

We headed to Dubuque to the National Mississippi River Museum where they were unveiling my grandma’s uncle’s boat motor preview display.  My great-great aunt Be passed away a year and a half ago and her husband and father had owned and ran Iowa Marine Engine which built boat motors back in the early 1900s.  When he passed away in the 1950s, the shop was closed and literally has sat untouched since! My grandma has gifted the contents of the shop to the museum to be preserved and we look forward to seeing the final exhibit!

Click here to see the post of the shop as it has sat for so many years!

Anyways, the museum created a small display to show that a much larger exhibit and recreating of the shop is going to be coming in the next few years.

The CEO of the museum was there to unveil the display to us which was neat.

My Uncle Steve, the CEO, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and Aunt Kim

The guys had fun with the toy boats that you could drive

Benta had fun just running around!

And LOVED the aquarium portion of the museum.  My cousin Isaac, who is also my godson, is 9 years old and absolutely LOVES Benta and was her buddy all weekend.

I hope I don’t run into one of these on the Mississippi! 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa in front of the display

We had a photographer take family pictures Saturday afternoon and I will post those once we get them, but afterwards Benta found the Cheetos and was COVERED!

Grandma’s dog Kynzie

Uncle Steve and Benta

Isaac and Benta

Sunday after church, my Aunt Melissa’s dad picked up my grandparents in his 1914 Model T which was so neat!

Celebrating their 65th Anniversary!

My cousins Matt, Isaac, and Nate (with B)

We got to ride in the Model T, and B was not too happy about it until we started moving…then she LOVED the ride!

Ales, Aunt Jan, Uncle Dave, & Ryan

Aunt Jan & Uncle Dave

Cousins Alex & Ryan

Cousins James & Eric

Uncle Paul, Aunt Kim, Eric & James

Isaac and his buddy Benta having fun

He was SO sweet with her…it was adorable!

And of course a cake to celebrate!

Our family (Carrie, Dad, Mom, Kelly, Bob, Benta, & Nick)

Benta and her great grandma

And with her great grandpa

My Aunt Jan’s parents were engaged around the same time as my grandparents were married an had the newspaper from where both of their announcements were printed side by side and to think their son and daughter would get married later in life!  How amazing to think that He had this all planned from the very beginning!

We had a wonderful weekend with the family, and got to enjoy a crazy hot 6 hour drive home when the air conditioner in our car stopped working 20 minutes in!

Random Summer Catchup

I found a few random pictures on my phone/camera that haven’t gotten placed in a post yet…so this might be a bit of a hodge-podge!

Bob celebrated his 30th birthday in June, and we celebrated with a yummy dinner and ice cream cake!

I have read TONS of books this summer…my favorite thing to do is sit on the patio and read in the sunshine.  I am so thankful that we have had awesome weather this summer and that we have been able to spend SO much time outdoors!

We have had many fun ice cream dates…our favorite place is within biking distance from us which is so perfect!

Benta sent me the sweetest birthday wishes (and one of my favorite pictures of her ever!)

And my friends at work also spoiled me with an amazing Taco Bar (signs courtesy of my co-workers daughter), decorations, and cake!  They are too sweet!

My friend Carrie made me my favorite red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! I have the best co-workers/friends ever!

We had an impromptu date to a Twins game at Target Field and saw Sano hit his first home run!

We had so much fun and I am so thankful for a spontaneous husband!

I planted quite a few flowers this spring and am thrilled with how some of them are looking at this point in the summer!

I helped teach Vacation Bible School at church two weeks ago…and Harper was so thrilled to be in my class!  Needless to say…I had a little shadow all week!  We had a wonderful week and it was amazing to me how much the kiddos soaked up and learned about Jesus…my heart was so full!

We also hung some patio lighting above our back deck and am SO happy with how they turned out!  I cannot give Bob enough credit for all of the work he did!  I pretty much did nothing besides accompany him to Menard’s a few times and stain the new posts.  I cannot wait to spend many evenings out back under the lights!

We had another fun night of baseball watching the St. Paul Saints with Dave and Laurel (Bob’s parents).

Unfortunately they lost…but we still had a fun evening!

Cabin Fun

We were able to spend another weekend in July at the cabin…and of course it was mostly spent outside!

On our way out, we stopped in Kellogg, MN at the Lark Toy Company and they had the coolest toy store with tons of handmade wooden toys, an awesome carousel, and of course a squished penny machine!

But really…most of the weekend was spent like this!

It was so fun!

Until this happens….but you just get back up and keep going!

Bob wakeboarding

A bad storm hit our area while we were gone, and thankfully my inlaws checked in on our house and cleaned up a HUGE portion of the branches and brush that completely covered our lawn…but we were welcomed home by this view out our back window

A huge tree in our neighbors yard was uprooted, but thankfully did not hurt anyone, just took a few trees out on its way down 🙂